1. Can my team enter the Stockholm Tens?

Any team in the world can apply to play in the Stockholm Tens. A formal invitation announcing the forthcoming tournament is posted on the web site and sent out in the winter to previously entered teams and other people that have made enquiries. We are currently planning a Men, Women and Old Boy competition.

All teams must apply using the on-line entry form on this web site. Any team at any level can apply. We welcome club sides, social sides, invitation sides and even full international sides. For health and safety reasons there is a restriction that all senior players need to be at least 18 years old unless explicitly allowed by the Organising Committee.

2. When is the tournament played?

The tournament is always played the last week of July or the first week of August.

The 2019 tournament will held on 3-4 August.

3. How much is the entry fee and how do we pay it?

The entry fee is 2500 SEK for a team senior Men’s, Touch & Ladies. Old Boys (2000 SEK). This includes entry to the enclosed playing area for 17 people. Note. If you are bringing more than 17 people on the touring party you will need to purchase extra entry passes for these people.

The entry fee should be paid as soon as possible after submitting the entry form to ensure inclusion in the chosen class and is normally not refundable in the event of a withdrawal

You pay by credit card or PayPal via our payment page which can be found here

Please make sure you include the name of the team when making the payment. This is essential to identify the sender.

4. Why must the entry fee be paid so early?

We regard payment of the entry fee as full commitment to take part and it ensures that the decision to enter is well founded.  In the past with the entry fee deadline closer to the tournament, some teams have decided to withdraw after the draw was made and the playing schedule constructed. It is then often too late for wait listed “standby” teams to find economical flights and filled the opening.

5. What’s the weather like in August?

Most of our events have enjoyed sun and great weather, 20° – 30°C.  There is always the risk for some summer rain and showers, so we advise bringing a rain jacket along. You can find the week’s forecast for Stockholm here.

6. Is there food and drink available at the pitches?

Yes we are fully licensed and have a number of food outlets. You will find everything from simple snacks to full meals. It is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages into the enclosed tournament area as this risks our seving permits.

7. How do you select which teams get a place?

To be considered for the tournament you must fill out the application form and pay your entry fee. First come, first served. Teams that have played in the tournament before and have performed well get preferential treatment should any problems arise. Because of the pressure on places, we normally do not allow clubs to enter more than one team in each class.

8. How is the draw done?

In essence all the teams in the Senior Classes are ranked: from 1 – 24 in the Men’s and 1-16 in the Ladies.

In the Men’s Class, for example, teams are divided up into four tiers; Competitive, Serious, Average and Social. A similar ranking is made for the Ladies’ Class. We also try to get at least one Scandinavian team in each pool. It is very hard getting this right but we are proud of our track record so far.

The ingenuity of the tournament system also helps to level things out for the knock-out games on day two, as follows:

The Men’s will be broken down into three or four knock-out competitions: Stockholm Ten’s Cup (places 1-8), Plate (places 9-16), Bowl (places 17-24) and Shield (places 25-32)

The Ladies’ will compete in a similar manner for the Stockholm Ten’s Cup (places 1-8),  and The Plate (places 9-16).

The Old Boys teams compete for the Stockholm Tens Cup in each class.

This might change depending on the number of teams that enter.

If you are a newcomer it is helpful if you can supply us with some info of your level. If you have played here before but the team is significantly stronger or weaker it is great that you let us know this.

9. When can we see the Playing Schedule?

As soon as the draw is made – usually in mid July – it is sent out to all teams entered along with a playing schedule and both are posted on the web site. It is important that you check your schedule to make sure you know when your first game is to be played.

NOTE! In order to fit in the some 100 matches in the allotted time, we have a very tight playing schedule. Both teams must be on the pitch at the scheduled time or within two minutes after the previous game is over – there is no waiting time. The referee will whistle for kick-off at the designated time even only one team is on the pitch.

10. How many players may we bring?

Currently you can register up to 15 players for the Tens tournament. There are strict rules to follow in case you wish to replace an injured player for the rest of the tournament. These rules are explained in detail on the web site: See Rules.

Our experience is that all teams need a minimum of 13 players to meet all of their commitments on the pitch. We often get players trying to find a team to play for and can usually help to supplement teams who are short of players. Three more people are part of a basic squad. They can be managers, coaches, physios or whatever else you might need.

For health and safety reasons there is a restriction that all senior players need to be at least 18 years old unless explicitly allowed by the Organising Committee.

11. How long are the games?

2 x 10 minutes, of course; this is the Stockholm Ten’s.

12. When should I travel?

Arriving in Stockholm

Sometime during the Friday is good. This is a free night and most teams head into the city for a beer and a few sights.

If you do not get your welcome pack on the Friday then you need to be at the Tournament well before 09:30 on Saturday to sort out the administration.

Leaving Stockholm

The final game finishes around 18.00 on Sunday. This is followed by the prize-giving ceremony followed by the end of tournament social in the city. If you are booking a flight, try to get one on Monday. Leaving early and missing the final is not fun. Missing the plane is also not good. The final party is also well worth staying on for.

13. When are the games played?

The first games are at 10.00 sharp on Saturday. On Saturday the last games can finish as late as 19.00. The final draw for Sunday’s knock-out stages is made when all games are finished on Saturday so most teams will want to wait around to find out who they are playing and how late their first game is.

With the traditional pitch side BBQ and Super Rugby game being shown at the pitch the wait is not so tedious. The draw is usually available shortly after the last game finishes. Some teams will be able to see what time their games are on Sunday before the last games of the day.

Sunday’s playing schedule also starts around 10.00. From just after midday and onwards the serious end of the competition (Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals) begins, culminating in the Ladies’ and Men’s Finals, starting around 17.00 and 17.30 respectively.

14. Where should I stay?

Hotels in town can be booked on or but we recommend getting a hotel close to the Green Line on the Tunnelbana to make it easier to get to the ground.

15. Can I camp at the tournament site?

No, the venue is located in a public park and camping is strictly prohibited by Swedish law.

16. Where is the tournament held?

The Stockholm Tens will be held at

Skarpnäcks IP, Skarpnäck

17. How do I get to Skarpnäck?
Hotels are available in the city and we recommend getting a hotel close to the Green Line for easy access to Skarpnäck tunnelbana station

If you are coming from town:

By public transport you can take Tunnelbana Green line to Skarpnäck t-bana and then a short walk.

If you come by car follow the route on google maps to  Skarpnäcks Sportsfält. This link will show you a map of Skarpnäck. You can choose where you come from and get a detailed description if you wish.

Parking is NOT free and the machines take credit cards or you can download the online parking app EasyPark

18. How does the tournament work?

The Tournament is split into two parts: The Saturday Pool Games and the Sunday play-offs and finals. We use four pitches. According to the planned playing schedule team will get at least 4 games. The purpose of the Saturday Pools is to make sure the teams are playing in the right competition on Sunday and to give the seeding for the draw for each of the Sunday tournaments.

The last few years we have played with pools of 4 teams. Each pool is played in a round robin fashion (every teams meets once). The Saturday Pools give the chance for the more limited players and teams to play against top players and teams and to play against teams from Scandinavia, an important part of the Stockholm Ten’s Experience and a valuable source of stories to be told in bar for years to come. This means that every team normally gets three games on the Saturday.

The draw for Day 2 is usually available shortly after the last game finishes. Some teams will be able to see what time their games are on Sunday before the last games of the day.

On Sunday we have four Men’s Tens tournaments; Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield.  The winners of the pool go to the Cup; the runners up go to the Plate, the third place play in the Bowl and the fourth place play in the Shield. Each tournament starts with quarter-finals on the Sunday morning. If you lose your quarter the tournament is over for you. Fortunately the bar opens at lunchtime. This means that every team gets at least one game on the Sunday.

19. Do we have to wear silly tour gear?

No, but your trip might be a bit more fun if you do. Prizes will be handed out for best individual and best team effort on the Saturday night party at the pitches.

20. Do we need Visas to come to the tournament?

Some do and some don’t. If you are from the following countries you do not need a Visa.

EU-countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

EES-countries: Island, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Special deal: Switzerland.

If you live in any of the above countries and have a visa to stay there you do not need a specific visa for Sweden. Don’t forget to bring that visa along on the trip though.

If you come from any of the countries on the following PDFyou do need a visa. Visas can be applied for at the local Swedish representation or Embassy consular section in the country where you live. Your local Swedish representation can be found here:  

If your country is not on this list you do not need a visa if you are staying less than 3 months.

Don’t forget to check that your players’ passports are valid beyond the tournament dates and that they actually possess a passport from the country they claim.

21. Am I insured by the tournament?

No, the organisers have no liability what so ever. We do have a very professional set-up with doctors and physios at the venue. Minor injuries, cuts and bruises can be treated immediately on site.

In case of serious injury that requires hospital treatment, you need to be insured. This is your own responsibility. You might be insured via your club or union. Some unions have special add on insurance needed if you play outside of your own country.

N.B. Many travel insurance companies do not keep you covered if you engage in so called “action sports” during your travels.

However, any insured person in an EU, EES country or Switzerland has the right to receive medically required health care from a public health care provider within the EU. To prove that you are insured in your country you must have a “European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)”. The cardholder will be treated in the same way and charged with the same patient fees as an insured person in the country he or she is visiting. You must apply for this card from your local health insurance agency well in advance before you leave home. It should look something like this:

Once you have your card you do not need to renew it unless you lose it. Don’t forget to bring it to the pitch or hand it to your manager come game time.

This also applies to citizens from Algeria, Australia, Israel, Turkey and Quebec. They will not hold an EHIC, but instead need to get and bring along other proof from their local health insurance agency.

22. How do I get to Stockholm?

There are four airports within reasonable reach of Stockholm; Arlanda Airport (ARN) 40 Km, Bromma Airport (BMA) 10 Km, Skavsta Airport (NYO) 100 km and Västerås Airport (VST) 100 km. As an example you can currently travel with the following airlines from London: Norwegian, Ryanair, SAS, Austrian, Finnair, Brussel Airlines, Lufthansa, LOT Polish Airlines, KLM and BA. 
For the Finnish and Baltic teams there are also ferries. They go from Finland, Latvia and Estonia every day.
If you have plenty of time you can do what our Swiss friends did a few years ago, drive.